A night of fun often involves some alcohol. But if you are getting tired of the same casual drink that you often drink (I’m talking about the standard rum coke or vodka tonic), then maybe it is time to consider some other great cocktails that you might want to drink. We have listed here some amazing selection of cocktails that you can order depending on your mood.

 Long Island Iced Tea

Drink this when you are in celebratory mood. It is a great way to start the night because it kicks really fast and it doesn’t taste bad.  Long Island iced tea is a great replacement for a margarita. Ladies are susceptible to love this drink due to its light sweetness with an alcoholic punch. So, the next time you hit the bar, go for promo code for woolworths and order this drink with your girls. It’s literally as if you are drinking an iced tea. Although be careful, try to pace your drinks after this because it tends to be very strong especially if you are not a drinker.



Drink this if you are a bit down and you want to lighten up your evening. With its vibrant taste and summer appeal, it will definitely help you to be more positive and to lighten up your mood. In some bars, it can get pretty playful too. For us, we make sure that fruits in season are available for our famous daiquiri.

Whiskey Sour

Order this if you feel proud of something. If you feel that tonight is the night, then this is a great drink to order. It has the classic appeal and taste of whiskey but with a twist. This drink got the whiskey-feel but a little bit subtle, so you and your friends can have more time to chat without getting drunk during the first hour of your meeting at web chat online gratis senza registrazione. Whiskey Sour is not recommended for someone who is not a big drinker. It’s not as strong and bitter for those who don’t like it neat. But at the same time, it’s also great to look at, as if you are drinking something neat.


Drink this if you feel casual and just want to have some fun. This is a very light drink, perfect to those who easily get drunk because it tastes good and at the same time, the alcohol level is more tolerable. Beware, if you don’t know mojito, it is a bit “minty.” If there something like margarita girl, there is also such thing as mojito gal. Mojito signifies celebratory spirit. It has the tangy-sweet taste mobile traffic google analytics which makes it a unique drink during a celebration. The minty taste is designed to balance the flavours in this drink.

Tequila Sunrise

Now, don’t be afraid about the tequila in the beginning, because it’s already diluted, it’s not as strong. It is perfect if you have something inside you that you want to let out. This drink will definitely help you out.