It has been our consistent promise to our patrons that we will keep on improving our services in order to make sure that you are still having a great time in our bar. We have been working hard in order to come up with new and exciting ways to serve you better through the help of your feedback and suggestions.

Here are some of our related services that we sometimes offer.

Bartending Academy

If you want to launch your career in bartending or you just want to impress your friends in your upcoming party, then you should join our bartending academy. Taught by the experts in the field, you will definitely have fun and at the same time learn in our academy. Just be wary though, you might get a little tipsy during the training, the only school in the world where drinking is a must.

Join our Uno Tournament

Yes, we are huge fans of Uno and we sometimes hold an Uno tournament. Winner takes it all but you have to defeat everyone and go through a long challenge of playing with everybody else. It’s a very competitive tournament though. Because no one has ever won twice in a row so you might want to try your luck.

Beer Pong Tournament

We also have our quarterly beer pong tournament. We have some established teams who are protecting their reputation that’s why they make sure that any team who would join the competition will understand the reason why they are the champion. If you are interested, you should form a team of 6 people, and commit to your game schedule. The winning team, aside from several prizes and discounts, will get one free beer a day! So basically, you can drink here in our bar for free, if you are part of the winning team.